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Belmont Park

DATE: 1/15/2001

WEATHER: Comfortable, high 50s, nighttime.

ABOUT ME: Male, age 37. Coaster rider since 1977 and fanatic since 1986. I have more than 330 adult coasters on my "track record". I generally prefer wooden coasters to steel because airtime is one of my big criteria. Also, I don't mind a little headbanging on coasters.

RATING SYSTEM: I subscribe to the ubiquitous Griswold scale, which rates coasters and parks on a scale from -3 to +5. Zero indicates a mildly positive rating.


Giant Dipper (1925 Prior/Church twister) 0

You only need an hour or so and you can get in several rides, which is all you'll really need. This coaster is very pretty to look at and take pictures of, and it rides smoothly, but sadly it isn't particularly fast, and its pre-lift tunnel isn't as exhilarating as the one on its sister ride, the Santa Cruz Giant Dipper. I rode it once in back and once in front (there were only four people in the train each time!) and had virtually the same ride both times. It's a leisurely ride without significant air, laterals, or surprises.


Belmont Park is hardly a park anymore. It's a small gift shop, a series of strip-mall type stores, and the Giant Dipper roller coaster. The gift shop has a restored original Prior & Church car from the coaster's original trains and a large selection of Dipper-related merchandise. The book about the closing, near-destruction and subsequent restoration of the ride is a must-have.